Monday, April 23, 2007

Day One...tick, tick, tick

The botanical clock is ticking. The potato seeds need 105 days to mature. The sugar pod peas take 68 days of "cool" weather before harvest. The lettuce will bolt in the summer sun if I can't plant it now. I'm on deadline...but I forgot to plan ahead. Somehow my glorious garden from 2006 has turned into a mass of clay, stones and weeds.

I am learning the garden has a rhythm of its own. In my real life working in broadcast and newspapers, I'm used to meeting deadlines in minutes. This garden thing takes time and patience...not my strong suits.

I surf the web lusting after pictures of bountiful gardens dressed in the perfect little black soil mix and surrounded by handsome red cedar sides. I want what they've got...and I want it now.

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