Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dorothy Hyde Kuhrt--100 Year Birth Anniversary

Pretty as a movie star, my mom could have held her own in the Hollywood days of Joan Crawford and Bettie Davis. Lucky for me, Dorothy chose to be a mom and a "housewife." No, Mommie Dearest, fortunately--but the dearest and most loving of moms. Her baking gene produced award worthy treats which were gobbled up by friends and family. She was a perfectionist--our house was always super clean and beautifully decorated. She paid the same attention to my wardrobe. I was always dressed in the latest fashion of the times. She would spend hours taking me to stores to find just the right outfit--whether for the first day of school, Christmas, a new coat for winter or an Easter outfit. I especially remember times spent at Marshall Field's State Street Store and Gilmour's in Oak Park--trying on coats, hats, dresses and more. Happy 100th Mom--I know you're out there somewhere in the Internet. Love and thanks for all you did, Carole

Monday, January 07, 2008

Winter Garden--week two

Little Sprouts...

The chives are winning with dill in hot pursuit. The basils and cilantro are hanging in with parsley and mint just starting to sprout.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Under the Covers

Protected by a fluffy white comforter of snow the outdoor garden hibernates. Indoors, the garden under lights begins to sprout.

It's the first day of the New Year--a time for resolutions. My resolution for this year is to learn to make bread. Not the bread machine variety that comes in a package but the real thing. This is not my first attempt at bread-making. I spent the summer of 2006 pursuing this noble goal. My creative efforts were flat at first but as I continued I was able to produce a tasty loaf of white bread. Although I was never completely satisfied with the results--too dense, uneven, too yeasty--not quite right.

This year I resolve to make bread worthy of a French boulangerie--with me the boulanger. I will be studying the science of making bread in my kitchen. I will test recipes under various conditions and methodically record the results until I have perfected Pain Francais--the perfect loaf of French Bread.


From the future Bread Goddess