Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Under the Covers

Protected by a fluffy white comforter of snow the outdoor garden hibernates. Indoors, the garden under lights begins to sprout.

It's the first day of the New Year--a time for resolutions. My resolution for this year is to learn to make bread. Not the bread machine variety that comes in a package but the real thing. This is not my first attempt at bread-making. I spent the summer of 2006 pursuing this noble goal. My creative efforts were flat at first but as I continued I was able to produce a tasty loaf of white bread. Although I was never completely satisfied with the results--too dense, uneven, too yeasty--not quite right.

This year I resolve to make bread worthy of a French boulangerie--with me the boulanger. I will be studying the science of making bread in my kitchen. I will test recipes under various conditions and methodically record the results until I have perfected Pain Francais--the perfect loaf of French Bread.


From the future Bread Goddess

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