Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day two...halfway home

My deadline:
Have my garden up and running for cool weather produce by tomorrow.

The plan:

Construct two 6' x 8' x 11" raised gardens and fill with an organic soil mix. Buy the best organic soil mix available and have it delivered.

On Schedule:

Raised garden materials in yard.
Organic soil delivered.

I bought the cedar for the raised garden at a local hardware store where I also was able to find someone who could help me construct it by tomorrow. I brought the cedar home in my car so I could have it today.

For the soil mix, I contacted dkorganics.com located in nearby Lake Bluff. I talked to Mike Lake and told him what I was doing. He recommended eight yards of an organic soil mix made up of one third top soil, one third compost, and one third sand. He was very helpful and even though their delivery schedule was full he managed to meet my personal deadline.

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