Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Endangered Species?

Are the 17-year periodical cicadas endangered? Looking at the photo above, one may think, no way. But my non-scienctific observations make me wonder. Having lived in the same location in 2007 as I did for the 1990 invasion, I have observed a smaller number of cicadas. I remember the 1990 cicada's were so thick on the screens of our porch that we could hardly see out. I also remember it being almost impossible to go for a walk or sit outside because of swarms of the 1990 cicada's flying at my face. According to various reports, certain areas, including the nearby outdoor Ravinia Music Festival grounds, have not experienced the expected onslaught of the Brood. As an organic gardener, I am concerned. I am wondering if the huge amount of pesticides that have been put into the ground in the name of keeping lawns "green" and weed-free are claiming lives of many of these amazing critters. I hope not, I hope they will return in all their glory in 2024.

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