Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Original Green Gardener

Happy 100 Birthday Anniversary, A. Richard Kuhrt (alias,Dad), born June 19, 1907

When you were born, who could have imagined a blog that could be written in the comfort of one's home or backyard and appear instantaneously around the world. You would have loved it because you were always forward thinking. In addition to your love for nature, you were a techno geek--the first of your friends to own a wireless (radio), a "wire" recorder, a television, and a Polaroid "Land" camera. You carried no prejudice. You treated everyone with respect no matter what race, religion or class.

Your garden and lawn were your pride and joy. You made your own compost. You loved using your push mower. You hated the noise of power mowers and only as you got older gave into an electric mower. You refused to use pesticides. Instead you would hand pick the weeds or get me and all the neighborhood kids out in the yard to pick dandelions for a penny a piece or a nickle if we got the whole root. We would fill up bushel basket after bushel basket--raking in the money and then riding our bikes to Angies to buy baseball cards and candy.

You were way ahead of your time and taught me well.

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