Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 Days and counting…

I’m halfway through my green August. I still marvel at the fact that I can sustain my family on what I am growing in two little 10 x 12 foot plots in an area of marginal sun just outside my back door.


I’ve saved more than $500—easily over $35 a day—by not needing to buy gas or groceries.

I have become a more creative cook. Out of necessity, I must create a meal out of what is in the garden.

I’ve learned to bake bread—more or less.

I have gained sensitivity—not only to what previous generations had to do in order to survive—but also to today’s small farmers and their dependence on the fickleness of M. Nature.

I’m enjoying biking—and have noticed that biking up the hills is no longer a big deal.


Only one…and actually it is a plus…about 2lbs. Instead of losing 5lbs.—my goal for the mid-point of August—I’ve gained 2lbs.

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