Sunday, August 27, 2006

Eight People for Dinner

I'm have invited 8 guests to come to my house for dinner tomorrow night. I am determined to feed them from my garden. The tomatoes and basil are looking good--same for the eggplant-- and the zucchini is usable. The cucumbers are growing out-of- control--that's a good thing. The leeks, peppers and carrots are ready to play supporting roles. There's also Swiss chard, corn, okra, broccoli, endive, a variety of lettuces and herbs on stand-by.

I have instituted an 85% rule. 85% from my garden and 15% from other sources. I need appetizers, a main course and dessert. Once again, wine is not part of the equation--we will use as much or as little as the occasion demands--with designated drivers on-call. I will be checking-out the yard tomorrow morning and plan my menu from there. I will share it before the end of the month but not tomorrow as I will be planning, picking, cooking and entertaining

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