Friday, August 25, 2006

Sex in the Garden

When “sex” occurs in the garden it is politely referred to as pollination. In other words, there are boy flowers and girl flowers. My four zucchini plants, which have taken over nearly half of my garden, are loaded with lazy boy flowers. For the space they command they are providing very few zucchinis. Since the flowers can't move, I suppose, it’s not entirely their fault. But what I don’t understand is why the two nearby cucumber plants are causing a mini population explosion.

Pollinators include wind, bees, butterflies, insects and birds. In order for plants to pollinate pollen must move from the male parts to the female parts. Pollen grains land or are placed on the stigma and a tiny tube grows from it and down the style into the ovary. The fertilized ovule becomes the seed and the ovary becomes the fruit or vegetable—whatever God intended in the first place.

Hey zucchini boys, it is time to pollinate. Take a lesson from the cucumbers.

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