Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sorry Kermit, you're wrong

It's easy being green. This June, I started my first organic vegetable garden on a whim and a prayer. I love fresh produce and have often been disappointed by my purchases at our local Whole Foods market and some other very good stores nearby. Even though, my hometown is not exactly the ideal sun-filled space one thinks about for growing much outside of ferns, impatiens and hostas, I found a spot in my yard that received marginal sun—enough, I hoped, to grow some veggies.

I threw in some seeds and small organic plants hoping something might grow. Grow they did and I have been overwhelmed by the results. My green August is winding down. It’s been better than I could have ever imagined and changed the way I will be doing things in the future. It’s not so hard being green. I’m not in such a big rush to jump back into my SUV and run to the grocery store. I’ve learned a lot this month and will continue my green ways even as my garden takes its winter break.

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